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Vol 7 No 1 (2019): Volume Extra: VI Congresso Internacional de Pedagogia Social
EDITORIAL:                                        Pedagogical and Social Greetings! Welcome to the Extra Volume of the Journal of Social Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education of the Federal Fluminense University. This time we aimed to socialize interviews conducted by the RPS-UFF team, together with the Research Group on Social Pedagogy of UFF (PIPAS-UFF), on the occasion of the VI CIPS. The academic-epistemological generosity of the Congress organizers, speakers and guests, is evident here, and allows us to reflect on the ambience of each one's encounter in the social Pedagogy universe with its interfaces in Brazil and in the world. From the 19th to the 22nd of September of this year, the VI International Congress of Social Pedagogy and Postgraduate Symposium took place at the premises of Mackenzie University in São Paulo: a pedagogical approach to problems and social conflicts. The International Congresses of Social Pedagogy are organized collectively by research groups based at USP, PUC / SP, Mackenzie and UNISAL in articulation with groups based at UCB, Unicamp, UFPR, UFF, UFMS, UFPE, UFES / IFES and UEPG. Having consolidated itself as the main space for reflection, discussion and production of the area of ​​Social Pedagogy in Latin America, where Social Education, Popular Education and Community Education converge, the CIPS shelters reflections and propositions about themes from a society permanent transformation.
The VI CIPS aimed to deepen the reflection on the role of Social Pedagogy in constituting a pedagogical response to the diversity of threats, conflicts and disputes that threaten human sociability in diverse contexts and parts of the world. This fact evidences the current and growing need for a Pedagogy that asserts itself as social. In the VI CIPS and, especially during the interviews, we detected that the work of Social Pedagogy carried out within the framework of FEUFF, maintains theoretical-practical similarity with Social Pedagogy carried out in the world. The coordinated actions of Teaching, Research and Extension are revealing of our belonging to this group. We hope that reading this volume of the RPS will work as inspiration and invitation to embrace in 2019 a pedagogy that does not threaten human sociability, but rather to build bridges, dialogue, acceptance and conciliation between men.                                                                                       Excellent reading!  
Published: 2019-02-01
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