RPS IX CALL We invite you to join the group of authors of the IX- Revista de Pedagogia Social da FEUFF (RPS-UFF). It is a semiannual journal internationally recognized and appointed by researchers in the field, as the first in Latin America and the second in the world. With more than eight thousand accesses, it has become an important source of research for scholars from various areas, such as law, economics, psychology, social work, education, human rights, among others. Our goal is to expand the dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge about Social Pedagogy built in Brazil and in the world. In this issue, in particular, we will publish articles dealing with the theme: Social Pedagogy: Education without frontier. The RPS-UFF is divided into three sections: articles, reviews and experience reports and you can send productions to all three. Send your contributions by 05/25/2019. Visit our website: It will be an honor to count on your contribution.   Sincerely, Margareth Martins de Araújo Executive editor of RPS-UFF

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EDITORIAL Welcome to the issue of Revista de Pedagogia Social (RPS-UFF), from Universidade Federal Fluminense! In times of pandemic, social confinement, acceptable or the challenge of not adding another volume of the Magazine, in which we write for resistance and do not wish. We are the first Social Pedagogy magazine in South America and the second in the world, facts that pose the challenge of helping to think, in a theoretical-practical way in the current reality, based on the demands of today and the assumptions of Social Pedagogy.
What Social Pedagogy is this that does not reinvent itself in moments of extreme challenge? What is a scholarship for if it does not help the citizen? Appointed, it is time for solidarity, voluntary and extraordinary work. Reinventing us is a watchword. As I learned from Vivian, a student at a CIEP in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense: "You have to do nothing to make the infinite". From a perspective of the current moment faced by humanity, we are compelled to carry out work based on our experience, anchored where we are and with what we have; in carrying out a Social Pedagogy at the service of life, for the benefit of humanity. We talk about a pedagogy that receives lives, rescues people, establishes pacts and establishes power. In addition to the relief material, an education without borders, forced to suffer human suffering, exhorts us to the socio-emotional support contextualized in the reception, guidance and guidance; in order to make the thoughtless possible. We are led to reinvent and overcome the current moment with serenity, balance, political commitment, technical competence and affection. It is turbulence that spills or is inside the cup. It is exactly what is within us that we put into situations in which we are living. For this reason, we choose to urge you to exercise the reflection of textual production, with no intention of offering or having a better life, research and work. Highlights, under the title: SOCIAL PEDAGOGY-EDUCATION WITHOUT FRONTIERS, must find the reflective potential that helps to think about the world and the post-pandemic. One intellect and emotion in the theoretical and practical production of articles that inspire the exercise of a Social Nightmare in the service of life, for the benefit of humanity. Great reading! Margareth Martins de Araújo Executive Publisher
ISSN 2517-0974
Published: 2020-05-26
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