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8,000 hits, has been an important source of research for
areas such as law, economics, psychology, social work, education, human rights, among
Our goal is to broaden the dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge about social pedagogy.
built in Brazil and in the world. In this issue, in particular, we will publish articles on the
Theme: Social Pedagogy and volunteer work.
The RPS-UFF is divided into three sections: articles, reviews and experience reports and you can submit
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Margareth Martins de Araújo
RPS-UFF Executive Editor

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Quotations and references must follow ABNT standards. Footnotes should be presented to the
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Current Issue

Vol 7 No 2 (2019): Social Pedagogy and the formation of the social educator-researcher: FOR A RESEARCH PEDAGOGY


Welcome to the seventh issue of the Revista de Pedagogia Social (RPS), Universidade Federal Fluminense. In this dossier we will address - in particular, through articles, reviews and experience reports - certain reflections about Social Pedagogy and the formation of the social educator-researcher, from the perspective of a pedagogy that is made restorative, above all, by exercising cognitive justice . By cognitive justice we understand the intellectual effort, carried out by social educators, in the search of overcoming the multiple vectors of exclusion of which children, young people and their families are victimized.


Restorative pedagogy presents itself as a pedagogical antidote to confronting the human scourge whether in school, in society or in the world. Although a few years ago we witnessed increasing levels of violence in the world - it is possible to say that humanity has not even had a minute of peace - today, this process of trivializing evil spreads more intensely within schools, causing many institutions and their social actors seek dialogue with the university, observing, in turn, the multiple forms of violence such as: bullying, individual and collective aggressions, hate industry, self-mutilation, suicide, drugs, banditry and terrorism, among others.


Members of a chain of hopelessness that plagues not only the school, but the world itself, our young people stop dreaming, lose their sense of life and build a route of escape capable of leading them to their own destruction. A feedback process that demands from educators a frantic search for overcoming.


There must be a pedagogy that will dialogue with the emergencies of a society that assists in disbelief to the dismantling itself.


Excellent reading!!


Margareth Martins de Araújo

Executive Editor

Published: 2019-06-02
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